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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 4, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. good morning, we have developing news out of oakland, one man is dead after a shooting and car crash, how this incident is still affecting people in the neighborhood in another way. we are live where long shoremen refuse to allow a barge to pull up to the docks, we will explain why next. and death toll rises after a deadly week of tornadoes and there is new danger facing the people there this morning. what one man did to another woman on a popular trail is outrageous. we will tell you what he did and who police are looking for. complete news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. . good morning everybody, it is tuesday june 4th, i am brian flores, dave clark is off today. let's start with steve, it is
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chilly this morning but it is going to warm up after today. >> yes, brian and pam, there is a big fog bank, so it will be cooling down lots of low clouds and even some thunderstorm activity south of tahoe, here is sal. tunnel is moving along nicely and let's go back to the desk. they are investigating a crash that knocked out oakland and pg&e is still working to restore power to 20 people this morning. a driver was shot before 11:30 in brookfield village. he ran into a power pole which then hit a tree and live wires fell from above and a witness who did not want to be identified describe is the
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shooting. >> one gunshot and then rapid fire and then a big boom, sounded like an explosion and then the lights went out. >> the driver died of gunshot wounds and the passenger was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. they expect to have power fully restored by 11:00. and the fbi reports 11 of the bays 15 largest cities reported higher crimes in 2012. prop tip crimes are also up 26% and in san jose they are up 29- point 5% and san francisco saw a large increase in cell phone thefts. it is a story you will see only on ktvu channel 2 morning news this morning and tara moriarty is at the port where a longshoreman is accusing them
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of skirting union rules. the long shore men had a confrontation with the barge and they say they are trying to don't the rules and they are simply not going to stand for it. they say the car go was -- cargo was shipped in on a barge and that means long shore men will turn it away. long shoremen are locked in a dispute on who is allowed to unload ships. local 10 says this is their jurisdiction but the barge tried to throw the line to nonunion workers. >> they wanted the nonunion workers at first to jump off the band which is six feet of water and then catch their own lines. that was just crazy.
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>> reporter: the president said they recently changed policy saying they are not union hands and meantime we put in several calls to maritime association but we have not heard back. i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have new information out of oklahoma where more people are dead following the tornadoes there. we now know 18 people including six children died. it was the latest in a series of twisters to hit the state since may 19th. and our sister station said oklahoma is facing more severe weather including thunderstorms with a lot of rain but hopefully no more tornadoes. conservative groups will get their chance to testify about the mistreatment they received at the hands of the
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internal revenue service. also today the inspector general is saying that the internal revenue service spent 50 million on conferences between 2010 and 2012. they are looking into the increasing number of sexual assaults in the military. coming up how some senators are pro pose proposing to fix the problem . live in palo alto, they talked about protecting other joggers. >> reporter: police tell me they were out here patrolling and they will continue to do that but we saw a couple of
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joggers going past through here ignoring the signs where it opens up at 8:00 a.m. now it is pretty baron and that's where police are telling especially women to jog with somebody. the attack happened along the palo alto nature preserve. a woman jogging told police she was on the loop and a man was following her and kept getting closer to her. the man jumped on her back tried to take her down and she managed to stay on her feet and the man globed her but -- groped her but she got way. they are alerting park rangers. >> based on what the victim has told police it seems very outrageous and we have not seen anything like that in this area
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this year. >> officers say they saw the man coming out of the area that same morning and she says a man followed her on the trail as well. he is described as a black bi- racial man, 5-foot 8 inches tall, has black buzzed hair and is clean shaven. if you have any information you are asked to call police. and they also want to talk about some helpful information and coming up, we will tell you if police think there is any information compared to the string of gropings we had. live in palo alto, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and in about an hour, they will open to replace former supervisor -- a former
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supervisor. he gambled away $30,000 in public money. he will be sentenced on friday and could get up to a year. early voting has been started and only 20% of the ballots have been turned in. >> we could have a combination of voters dropping ballots off or they could be going to the polls. >> polls open at 7:00 and close at 8:00 tonight. and marin county school district will decide on extend being measure a, a preliminary tax for education and contra costa will decide on a user tax in santa cruz county of watsonville and they will also be decided. >> 6:08 is the time back over
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to sal, hopefully there are no troubled spots for the commute. san francisco on keith street in oak dale, there is a car into a house, not a heavily travel under area. we ve a big back up and there is a 15 minute delay and metering lights went on. that traffic looks good and a little bit of a mist or fog is looking good. and the roads are pretty clear and they are showing a pretty decent commute. let's go to steve. a big fog bank out there, it is just cloudy and calm and we have low clouds and a really strong sea breeze, out from san pablo bay after yesterday's 65, napa in town, livermore to san
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jose 76 and this will be the coolest day of the week. pushing inland, we have a much bigger fog bank, it has no problem clearing coastal hills and we have a really hot one this week. windy and cooler today and temperatures will start to rebound a little bit tomorrow but i think more so on thursday. coast and bay and we will bottom out on temperatures. impressive thunderstorm complex associated but we did fire up some lift over the hills and that will continue south of tahoe and 50s on the temperatures and 54 seems popular and it is the wind, fairfield 26 in augusta, west wind, oakland west wind and everything is sea breeze direction. our west or northwest, only mountain view is our out lier.
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70s on the desert and 43 in tahoe and you can see that cloud pushing inland and that will give us a cooler day. win dip at times but this is for the usual shuls today will be the coolest day towards clear lake and ukiah. that is below average and more fog tomorrow and today but just a gradual warmup. thursday and friday will the warmest and then it drops on sunday. adelle cassie, the -- a delicacy. what the donut shop plans on handing out for free. plus a special milestone for the victims of the boston marathon bombing and a special reunion for a victim and her family.
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look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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[ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. . welcome back, we want to take you to breaking news, take a look at this, a car crashed right into a home and this is located in the bay view district and this is on keith street near nuke avenue and it's happening a short time ago and no word on how this happened or if anybody was hurt but we will stay on this and
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check in at the scene to find more details. new this morning, more violence in syria. one person was killed when mortar shells hit damascus. this is video about another attack in the area and meanwhile, they say there is reason to believe chemical weapons have been used in syria's civil war but more evidence is needed to know what chemicals were used and who used them. there is an antigovernment protest and this is the 5th day they have dealt with voters in istanbul. officers tried to clear a protest against a bulldozing of a park area. hundreds of protesters have been injured since the unrest began. the last injured victim has been released from the hospital. ericka was waiting for her mom
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to cross. she lost her leg in the blast. she is one of the many who were injured in the blast and aaron hern as well was injured and his parents say he is getting better every day. top military brass are planning how to reduce the number of sexual assaults. reporting from our washington d.c. newsroom, they are reluctant to make changes. >> dianne finestein is among lawmakers who want to remove sexual assaults from the military command. the pentagon says it jumped 30% from 2011 but only 3,000 were reported. finestein and others in congress say the low reporting rate is because some military victims are forced to report the crimes to their own
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perpetrator. they say crimes must be reported to the command being officer and there are seven bills in congress right now that would put a special military prosecutor in charge and victims would be able to report the crimes to somebody other than their boss but military leaders say chain of command is key tothe military structure. the hearing gets underway in just 15 minutes and i will be watch being live and we will have the latest testimony in just a half hour. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. john car are is attending a -- state secretary is traveling and he will attend the organization of american states annual general assembly. latin america is discussing amount turntive approaches to the drug war strategy.
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silicone valleys will pay close attention to talks in southern california. president barack obama and the chinese president are expected to meet and they are accusing chinese hackers of cyber attacks on american companies and even on computer systems. facebook apple google and twitter have all been hit by cyber attacks from overseas. they have discovered a new iphone hack you should know about. they say apple devices can be hacked duesing a modified usb charger. they can hack in, in less than a minute and they will present their findings next month. two suspects are in custody in connection with a shooting that killed two teenage boys.
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they announced the arrest of clifford and an unnamed suspect. the motive was not revealed but they do not believe it was related. he was accused of robbing a bank and is set to talk about charges of robbing a bank of america in november. prosecutors say the robbery was captured on the surveillance video and it shows he testified four months before that robbery. a donut shop was getting ready to serve up a controversial delicacy. he can get around the ban since he plans on giving the donuts
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away for free. meantime they are getting ready to release a new sandwich nationwide but instead they will use two glazed donuts and it will have a fried egg and bacon on national donut day. >> all right, scott, maybe they are falling out of popularity. >> never, pam. >> you know how it is when we get them here. let's go out and take a look at what we have. we have not a lot going on, this is highway 24 between westbound highway 24 and st. stevens, it could be one of the lanes and we are looking at traffic and we will follow up on that for you. moving along and taking a look at the bay bridge backed up and the metering lights are on. this morning's commute is looking good a long northbound 101 and let's go to steve.
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a donut with bacon >> i like it. a lot of low clouds in place, cooler today, temperatures drop, now still up for parts of ukiah and in the 90s, there is a lot of low spins and a coastal eddie is performing. low is not that strong but it doesn't take much. breezy to windy and unless again you don't get a fog bank, the hottest day will be saturday and there will be areas in the 100s. their projections are at 104 and 105 and it could get hot inland and for us it is the cooler day, 50s on the temperatures and in fairfield, they have a roaring sea breeze and it's gust being up to 30 miles per hour.
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either that or a northwest wind and that means it will usher in that cooler sea breeze and they have been allowed to lift fog sun, cool and it is the coolest day of the week and plenty to go around as well. here is where it gets tricky. 82 in semolina, 77 san rosa, a lot more clouds in san rosa than in napa county. oakland 65 all meet only 62 and 73 san jose, gilroy as well and southwest san francisco, a couple of soft 70s and road wood city is in there. thursday looks warmer and friday saturday warm to hot and broil it up and cool it down on sunday. they are doing better than expected this year and an
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industry trade group will earn $12 billion this year and that's up 3% and it is a 67% increase from last year's profit levels. putting to a sexy app. the ban by google just hours after it was redty to be -- ready to be announced. and project managers are launching an investigation, we will explain. ♪
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♪ . welcome back, they say some of the led lights are stuck in the on position or will not turn on at all. they are looking into what may be causing the problems but the $8 million art project is scheduled to light up the bridge every night for the next two years. google officially banned
6:27 am
sexually explicit material on its eye wear and that's after something called eye candy will allow them to view it filmed and it already hates, hates speeches and others. you don't need to look at the traffic, you have sal. >> unless you want to go to, right? >> exactly. >> let's look at the south bay northbound 208 getting up to -- 280 getting up to highway 17 and no major problems. also the morning commute and that traffic is moving well passing mission boulevard, let's go to steve. temperatures will be held down by a rather robust westerly breeze in place and we start off with 50s and a low cloud deck is making a push but mainly some 70s. >> all right, steve, thank you
6:28 am
very much. breaking news out of san francisco, what happened just moments before a car went crashing into a home. a vehicle crashes into a power pole and knocks out power in this east oakland neighborhood and we will have the latest on when neighbors can expect their power to be restored. the opening bell, pam will have the early stock numbers when we come back.
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. ringing that opening bell and they are talking about it and i think it as tuesday. we've had 20 tuesdays in a row and it is this interesting upcoming trend that analysts noticed and we will have all of the business news coming up.
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with that said, we will say good morning, it is tuesday june 4th, i am brian flores, dave clark is off today. we want to take you back to breaking news we are following in san francisco and we are taking a look at an suv possibly a rover that crashed into a home located on the bay view district and you can see the car lifted up from the impact and the man who lives inside the home was sleeping when all of a sudden he said he thought he felt an earthquake. >> i woke up and my bed was shaking. >> now the accident knocked out power and gas to the home and police are trying to figure out if alcohol played a role in the accident. and after being blocked by a rock slide, roxanne debris -- rocks and debris came crashing
6:32 am
down and it took time to lose control and she did not see it until it was too late. >> and we just kind of caused it to pop the airbag. >> the driver who hit the rocks complained of chest pain but does not appear to be seriously hurt. we have developing news, a shooting killed one man, injured a woman and police say they were shot while driving in a car and brought down some power lines. this is in east oakland, covering this story, it looks like pg&e will be out there for a while now. katie? >> reporter: absolutely, i just checked their outages web page and they say they can expect power aroun 3:00 p.m. and considering they have been out of power since 11:30 last night you can look at the work they are restoring and they are
6:33 am
trying to cut the power pole into many pieces to manage. it is snarled throughout the tree and i spoke with a neighbor who said it sounded like a bomb had going off and he shared these pictures and you can see in the pictures, bullets blasted the car the person was driving. it happened on maddux drive on 798th avenue. >> it was very loud, it sounded like a bomb and all the lights went out. it happened really, really quick and then after that i came over and i just saw the vehicle with a person that seems to have passed away. >> reporter: police have not released the names or ages of the shooting victims and we are working to learn that today and it was a man who was shot and killed and a woman was shot in
6:34 am
the leg. we are still working to learn her condition and at 7:00 i will have more details from neighbors about the crime the neighborhood is dealing with and again power is expected to be on around 3:00 this afternoon. ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, oscar pistorius made his first public appearance during a pretrial hearing in south africa. during the hearing the judge postponed to allow the prosecution 0 more time to investigate. he is accused of killing her on valentine's day. he said he shot and killed her thinking she was an intruder. today a hearing will be held for mt. diablo. and renee was a long distance runner who competed in the most
6:35 am
challenging races. his body was found down an embankment and his friends and family say it was his passion. >> he put his whole heart into it and he loved it. >> they have not determined the cause of death and a public viewing will be held at north gray funeral home until 6:00 p.m. today and tomorrow. a fire is now 60% contained and evacuation orders have been held for the lake hughes and lake a literacy program beth and that -- lake elizabeth. firefighters hope cooler winds will help them make some progress. fire dangers with hotter temperatures on the way. in san jose, firefighters and a
6:36 am
call fire responded to a -- cal fire responded to a grass fire at the happy zoo and park. it is the 4th grass fire in a few days. >> it is only going to get -- unfortunately it is going going to get worse. >> cal fire says on average they have 90 fires and 770 acres burned but this year they have responded to more than 2000 fires and more than 4 5,000 acres have burned. alameda is becoming whole again for the first time in years. they are regaining control of alameda point and the land was given to them back in 1936 and they make up a third of alameda and will create thousands of jobs. san francisco supervisors will ensure the safety of of
6:37 am
pedestrians. 964 will be there and that's the highest number since 2000. it would change city codes d the legislation could be voted on by next week. right now, we are heat indicessing out and we are stating to settle in and let's look at interstate 880 and it looks good as you drive to the bay bridge toll plaza and those metering lights are on but other commutes look better. say for example we have an easy commute and a little bit of slowing but it is not as bad as it normally is. let's go to steve. it is moving locally inland
6:38 am
and we have a rather strong sea breeze and sometimes the wind machine comes off and it can be howling and that gust is at 30 out of the west. fog then sun, it will be hot inland out towards 105 out to clear lake as well. just giving a head up and below and temperatures. there is plenty to go around even some thunderstorm did he having us a cool down. we will go 73 and it is always a little warmer out towards reid hillview. and for many we are breezy and
6:39 am
the cooling trend looks like it will bottom out. 50s and these temperatures are stuck even half-moon bay, gray conditions for many and the winds are a big factor and concord west, napa west, everybody is in on this, almost everybody. even fso west. that is a sea breeze in place town to san diego as well. today will be the cooler day although napa is 72 and napa 84 and upper 60s and 70s and 60s around the bay, 60s to 80s and danville 75, walnut creek 74,
6:40 am
gilroy, santa cruz, 65 in san bruno, 70 redwood city and a lot of the upper 60s on the peninsular. warmer thursday and hot on friday, hotter on saturday and cooler on sunday. major flooding is expected along the mississippi river, and hundreds have been evacuated after a levee broke trying to gush water they say they are end tipping out their entire homes instead. >> i don't want to take the chances. >> it is stressful. >> the rivers are about 10 feet above flood stage and the flooding is being blamed for at least three deaths already. nfl legend deacon jones has
6:41 am
died and he died of natural causes at his home in southern california. he was known for knocking them down and in fact he actually coin the president before playing in san diego. >> he was legendary. time now 6:40 a warning about a popular branch berries, and it is connect told a brand sold at costco. and along shore man refuses to allow a barge pull up to the dock, we will explain next. and highway 4 looks good until you reach the bay point area, when it slows down, we will tell you more straight ahead. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another.
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and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. . we are cooler today with a lot of 60s and 70s. good morning, here are some of the top stories we are following, they are looking into the number of sexual assaults in the military and the leaders of all four branches of the military are scheduled to testify. and a crew for pg&e are trying to fix something after somebody
6:45 am
opened fire on a van. the driver died at the scene and the female passenger was shot in the leg. power is expected to be restored by 3:00. and a woman was attacked at a popular trail. she told police he jumped on her back and grope he had her and she was able to -- groped her and was able to push him off. she ran away but he got away as well. tara moriarty is at the port with the dispute over union rules. long shoremen were out here for a long time and basically they confronted this barge would not let it into the port of oakland and they kept it offshore and if we take a live look you can see it's still out there in the water and is unloaded. they have been here since last night and its cargo was
6:46 am
centered on the barge rather than a ship and that means somebody besides long shoremen can unload them. they gathered at the port and they same the pacific maritime port is trying to dodge the rules and there is a dispute over who is allowed to unload but they say this is their jurisdiction. >> we are sour priced it has come -- surprised it has come this far. it would have been the end of it but instead they insisted on punching and pushing -- pushing and pushing and finally the barge said we can't get involved and you guys have to figure this out. >> they reaply changed -- recently changed policy and meanwhile we put in several calls to the maritime pacifica
6:47 am
association, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. there is a problem linked to organic berries sold at costco. p contra costa county reported a 62-year-old woman was treated with the disease and public health officials say the disease is passed through bad hygiene and sometimes what is used to grow organic foods. >> manure can contaminate it with hepatitis. >> doctors say you can prevent the vaccination and costco said there is no officials recall so they are -- official so they are not accepting returns.
6:48 am
the hearing could go one of two ways and the judge has indicated he will allow james homes change his plea by reason of insanity and he can ask the state supreme court about the laws on the insanity plea and unconstitutional. is that could delay the case even longer. they handed down dna evidence and they are allowing them to collect dna samples for those arrested for serious crimes. it is already on the books in california as well as 27 other states. they are waiting to hear if they will overturn the ruling on same-sex marriage. legal analysts say they have several options including upholding or overturning the ban. it is finally here before us, the ultimate decision. >> the court is expected to rule on the defensive marriage act which bands same -- bans
6:49 am
same-sex marriage couples from receiving benefits. pam, brian, traffic is moving a long slowly as you approach the toll plaza and that is the biggest back up and at the toll plaza, we have a 25 minute delay. it is getting more crowded by the minute and northbound 101 is doing nicely for the most part as you drive through and there are no major problems in the main part of san jose and in morgan hill there is a crash which is blocking one of the lanes, let's go to steve. sunrise is over the big city for those of you working around the house, puttering around, you hear us but you are not watching, it will be a cooler day, temperatures in the 50s right now but i have a lot of 60s and 70s and the fog bank
6:50 am
is coming back. they have not moved much and there is too much of a west wind with lower clouds and we have more of a westerly breeze and sometimes when the overcast come in the wind tails off and venetia is out towards the dealt it and we have a pretty good west wind kicking up heels. it will allow high pressure to build back in and if you don't get a sea breeze we will be closer to 90. much warmer friday and saturday and then it is out of here. thunderstorms up in the sierra nevada are all associated with that low, today will be the coolest day by far of the week and 60s and 70s and some low 80s. today will be a much cooler dated, tomorrow about the same but a little warmer and things start to turn around thursday and they get hot friday and
6:51 am
saturday sunday it looks like another cooling trend starts. house prices soared in april and it is the biggest price increase since february 2006 across the state. according to the buyers, they are looking but inventory is low. nevada is up and that's the biggest jump in the country and prices are jumping 19.4%. general mills will not pull its cheerios ad she is asking her mother if it is good for his heart. she pours it on her father and it was posted on you tube and has gotten hateful comments and they will not change how they cast future commercials. there is a disagreement,
6:52 am
the new calls being made to give san jose extra calls and why they are not on board. a popular pair of pants going back on store shelves. we have some problems with yoga pants. '7'7!yd$$ñpjpçam!
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6:54 am
6:55 am
. welcome back, dow jones industrial average is up and san francisco is providing an exact tar gert and we will keep an eye on those stocks specifically today. lulu lemon is getting its yoga pants back in and they had a recall because their yoga pants were too sheer. former secretary of state hillary rodham clinton gave advice on fashion. yesterday she pitched the idea of project pants suit. she had an event to honor oscar deloren do and has long been her favorite for hillary rodham clinton. and he was a state senator
6:56 am
for 15 years before becoming state attorney general and then treasurer. >> in my office, we invest about $60 billion and during the downturn we didn't loose money we made money. >> his wife was forced to resign her seat after an extra marital affair and arrest on drug charges and he says those issues did not play a role in his decision to retire. they had outside -- they are asking for outside help to fight crime. they are urging -- there was a letter urging him to boost city patrols but they say they don't need outside help. they put more than 40 officers on patrol after the city's 50th homicide on friday. they will decide whether to compete in the america's cup.
6:57 am
one man died during a training session on the bay and if they withdraw there will be only two teams and that means the race could be shortened, shortening the crowds and possiblely less of an economic impact on bait area. they will take on san antonio spurs and the heat won in the conference finals with a score of 99-76. it would have been better if the warriors were there. >> lebron james, my goodness. >> he is fun to watch. >> what a player. >> my goodness. let's take a look at the commute now, traffic is slow at the toll plaza so we don't see it lighter than usual here but in the san jose valley we have a little bit of slowed traffic and an accident on tenants
6:58 am
road. it will be a cooler day today but if you like the cool, enjoy today but today 60s and 70s and very low 80s. coming up on mornings on 2, we will take you to the scene of a shooting that left a neighborhood without power. and all four branches of military on capitol hill they are talking about sexual assaults in the military, stay with us. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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>> reporter: neighbors say the crash sounded like an explosion. i will explain how a fatal shooting wiped out power to this east oakland neighborhood. developing news in san francisco, where an suv has crashed into a home. what happened just moments before the collision. >> reporter: we're live in san jose, where the polls just opened. people will be voting to see who will replace the man convicted of corruption. a woman says she was attacked during her morning run in palo alto. what police say is key to solving the case. "mornings on 2" starts right now.


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